A showcase of prominent web apps built with Ruby on Rails

Airbnb, Basecamp, GitHub, Groupon, Kickstarter. These and a handful of other websites are listed in countless blog posts — and if you want to explore what Ruby on Rails is capable of, you’ll likely get an impression that besides these websites, there’s nothing worth seeing.

And boy, there’s so much more to explore. Starting with Couchsurfing (a popular platform for traveling youth), all the way to GOV.UK (a hub for government services offered in the UK), there’s a host of interesting web applications built with Ruby on Rails.

To showcase what’s possible with Ruby on Rails, we launched https://rails-apps.com/, a categorized collection of over 300 (and growing) prominent web apps all built with Ruby on Rails.

We expand the catalog whenever we find a splendid project built with Ruby on Rails. You’re invited to help us by suggesting new entries to this list.