User Interface Design for Web Applications

Understanding the problem your future users face is key to building a successful web application. Once you have this understanding, the next step is to design an intuitive and efficient user interface.

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Gathering information and research

We collect as much information about your target audience as we can.

Based on this research, we create a list of user stories that address each functionality the application will offer. The result of this step is a Google Sheets document with a list of user stories.

Creating a structure of the application

Once we know who we are designing for and what functionalities to include, we plan the structure of the application: which pages offer specific functions, and how these pages relate to each other.

The outcome is a sitemap: a visual representation of the application’s structure.

Wireframing pages of the future application

Each page listed in the sitemap gets its own wireframe, which outlines the functionality it will perform.

The result is a set of screens you (and potential users) can play with to get a taste of how the web application will eventually work.

We iterate each of the steps listed above while closely communicating with the client

to make sure the original product vision is correctly reflected in the final UI design.

I had the pleasure to work with the Vertalab team on several projects.

Vertalab is providing leading edge software development services using up to date technologies and frameworks. The team is able to deliver a product, that is beautiful in UI/UX aspects and working as it should. 

I admire the entire Vertalab team for the process that they have introduced by making sure accountability is in place by having weekly calls with their clients. This is a unique approach compared to others, making Vertalab a very mature software development player.

Finally I applaud the team for navigating the client and making sure the source code is where it should be, and hence giving the support a non technical founder requires.

The team has become my primary source of software development work.

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