Extending Ruby on Rails Development Teams

Finding good Ruby on Rails developers is a tough task. Filling positions takes forever, developers’ salaries are sky high, and hiring mistakes are prohibitively expensive in terms of lost time and money. As if that’s not enough, product backlog keeps growing, deadlines are postponed, and opportunities are missed.

Sounds familiar?

Partner with Vertalab to outsource all or part of your development work

Speedier Development  of New Features

Bigger team can accomplish more tasks—that’s pretty straightforward.

Affordable Costs

Our developers are in Ukraine, which allows us to be very competitive.

One Flat Rate No Extra Fees or Hidden Expenses

With Vertalab, you face no hiring fees or employment taxes, and no 401K, health insurance, or other benefits. You pay for hours worked and tasks accomplished, period.

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Extra Flexibility with Team Size

We will adjust the team size to your development needs. Only pay for what you need.

Access to an Extended
Set of Skills

Ukraine is one of the biggest talent pools of professional programmers in the world.

Comfortable Starting Options

Start with just a small test task and increase workload when you gain confidence.

Finding a reliable outsourcing partner is not easy
but once you do

you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier

Vertalab has earned my full confidence as a partner when it comes to software development. Not only do I have accurate insights into the development process at any time, but I can also count on them to complete tasks quickly in case of an emergency. The team is always flexible for my needs and smoothly fits into our processes and team structure. Finally, I’m convinced by both the performance and cost.

Drop us a line to see if our services are a good fit for your needs.