Ruby on Rails Consulting

Beginning in 2012, we have focused on providing professional Ruby on Rails development services. We've gained a lot of experience and expertise since then.

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Speeding Up
Existing Ruby on Rails Applications

When your existing application is running slow and having a hard time coping with an increased number of users, we review performance stats, source code, architecture, and deployment stack to provide recommendations on how to improve it.

New Functionality is
Too Painful

When adding new features only seems to produce more bugs and take too much time, we can audit your app and provide input on how to make this process smoother.
We can also extend your development team when there's a need to speed up development of new features.

Ruby on Rails Code Written by Somebody Else

When you're outsourcing Ruby on Rails development and need a third-party assurance of the quality of the code.

Technical Interviews

When you're hiring Ruby on Rails developers locally and need help putting together a job description and evaluating candidates, we can save you time and money.

Reap the advantages Professional CTO
Without Hiring One

When it's too early to hire a full-time CTO and you just need somebody more experienced to talk to, you can partner with us. We’ll be your CTO on demand, available to plan development, discuss ideas, review code, evaluate estimates, or just answer your technical questions. We call this CTO-as-a-Service.
Vertalab has been a reliable partner for Peanut Butter from day one.  They helped us design and build the first prototype of the Peanut Butter app and assembled a strong team of software engineers to expand the app's functionality.

I value Vertalab's open and thoughtful communication, as well as their responsiveness to the needs of our growing company.

To see if you could benefit from professional Ruby on Rails consulting services, just send us an email to schedule a call with one of our specialists.