A Team of Highly Skilled Developers

We are an agile team of experienced Ruby on Rails developers, designers, and problem solvers, capable of turning raw ideas into functional web applications.


Our primary technologies are Ruby and Ruby on Rails, but we are also proficient in JavaScript ecosystem, especially in ReactJS and D3.js.

Our Story

Once upon a time back in 2012 there was a group of passionate programmers eager to experiment with new concepts and ideas.

They founded a company and started a laboratory for experiments with their startup ideas (some of these experiments were later covered by Mashable, Huff Post, Daily Mail,etc.). After a while, we realized there are many startup founders who can use a helping hand, and we began offering them engineering services.

Design in the key to everything. If you learn how to design you can do anything.

Roman Dumitru
Ruby on Rails Developer

An amazing team, who managed to built a complicated system from scratch and adapted to all change requirements with great manor and timely response. To give a prospective, we started at the same time with Animoto, our system that the team created competes with Animoto, and able to produce similar video and transitions quality, however, Animoto managed to raise $30 Million in 3 Rounds which allowed them to keep developing while we couldn't and we had to shut it down after 4 years of operations.

I wish the team the best and I will definitely depend on them in my new venture as my partners.