ZEODIA is an online video editor that enables users to turn any group of static pictures into a video.  This creates a stunning and dynamic photo book, photo album, or scrapbook,  which can be shared via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or email.

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Zeodia was founded by Hany Bayaa, a Dubai-based business leader with over 15 years’ experience working in high-level management for major international companies. Hany saw an opportunity and needed a technology partner to implement his idea.
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Publishing pictures online as separate files misses out on a lot of emotions, and Hany thought there was room for improvement. At Zeodia, they believed that just sharing a picture or a video clip doesn’t mean you’re sharing a story; they had a vision of a new approach to storytelling. They needed to develop a web application to bring this vision to reality.


We created a web application that allows users to create video stories from individual images, collaborate with their friends, and share the stories with the entire world. Zeodia is very intuitive to use; just drag and drop media files, compose them in a desirable way, and launch rendering. After the video is rendered, users can easily share these stories on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and email.

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