ZEODIA is an online video editor which allows users to turn any group of static pictures into a video. This leaves user with a stunning and dynamic photo book, photo album, or scrapbooks that can be shared on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or email.

  • allows creating video from a set of pictures
  • allows creating slideshow from a set of pictures
  • allows for easy sharing of created videos or slideshows

Unfortunately, Zeodia's financial model didn't prove to be commercially viable and the project had to be closed. For a glimpse of what Zeodia was capable of, check this Youtube video.


  • Vl experts ruby Ruby
  • Vl experts rails Ruby on Rails
  • Vl experts html HTML5
  • Vl experts css CSS3
  • Vl experts amazon Amazon WS

An amazing team, who managed to built a complicated system from scratch and adapted to all change requirements with great manor and timely response. To give a prospective, we started at the same time with Animoto, our system that the team created competes with Animoto, and able to produce similar video and transitions quality, however, Animoto managed to raise $30 Million in 3 Rounds which allowed them to keep developing while we couldn't and we had to shut it down after 4 years of operations. I wish the team the best and I will definitely depend on them in my new venture as my partners.

Hany Bayaa