Ticketing Service

This platform for selling tickets (whose name cannot be disclosed due to a non-disclosure agreement) manages events and ticket inventory, interacts with other apps via built-in API, and sells different tiers of tickets.  It also has a separate interface for regular ticket shops to make it possible to sell tickets both online and offline. 

Layer 113


Founders of this project have a ton of experience organizing club events, concerts, and large open-air festivals.  They saw the shortcomings of existing market offerings and knew they could do better.
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The founders had a vision of a powerful online ticket-selling platform, a hub connecting multiple modules to cover a wide array of functionality addressing the needs of a growing market. What they lacked was the technical expertise to build a complex back-end solution to support their vision.
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We built a complex back-end to allow the client to create and manage multiple events and design venue layouts (locate seats, designate different pricing tiers for different seating zones, etc.). We included a module to enable sales via offline ticket offices, APIs to connect the application to mobile apps, and, of course, a system to track usage of purchased tickets and validate tickets at the point of entry. We also built powerful reports for tracking online and offline sales, money collection from ticket offices, and a dashboard for tracking sales and ticket usage in real time.

All these activities led to the creation of a robust ticketing platform suitable for a variety of events, from private parties to operas, all the way up to multi-thousands of tickets for large outdoor events.

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