StriveMax is a powerful, yet simple online analysis and planning tool for professional cyclists. They can log and keep track of rides, see detailed stats for each ride, analyze performance on every moment of the ride, and share info about rides with other cyclists or coaches.

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StriveMax was founded by a close-knit team of entrepreneurs and passionate cyclists wanting to make sense of an ever-growing abundance of statistical information collected by cycling power meters. They came to Vertalab looking for a combination of tech expertise, understanding of project requirements, and extra development flexibility. 



Increasing popularity of cycling power meters led to an abundance of statistical data cyclists struggled to use. StriveMax decided to address this need by creating an easy-to-use web-service. 



Together with the founding team, we built powerful software allowing cyclists to log, analyze, plan, and share all their cycling activities. With StriveMax, cyclists can quantify and optimize their training load, improve pedaling technique, and optimize race tactics. 

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