Stringwire allows editors of news outlets to crowdsource live video around breaking news, when professional footage is not yet available.

Layer 1


Stringwire was founded by a talented graduate student in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. While still in embryonic state, this startup was acquired by NBC News, a unit of Comcast’s NBC Universal.

Layer 2


Stringwire’s founder was looking for a team to build web front-end and API for mobile clients streaming live videos from smart phones.

The challenge was to build a reliable management page that would be convenient to use, yet able to handle dozens of live video streams, text chat, and mapping simultaneously. We had to make the management page as convenient as working in a real video-production studio.

2 layers


Our technology team built an easy-to-use yet powerful dashboard, providing all the functionality required to manage a master online stream, juggle individual streams, and communicate with their authors. Along with the deck-page interface, we built a backend API for mobile apps.

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