Slovotvir allows users to collaborate on translating IT-industry vocabulary into Ukrainian equivalents. Users can brainstorm translation options and vote for the option they like the most.

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This project is our own initiative. We decided to use our tech skills to address a problem in our local industry. 

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Ukraine is a growing IT hub, with a large number of skilled IT professionals. New technologies are absorbed promptly, and “loan words” (terms adopted from foreign languages without much modification) are quite frequent. The number of adopted words is overwhelming; words such as “deploy,” “crowdsourcing,” “backup,” and many others do not have adequate, generally accepted Ukrainian translations. 

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On Slovotvir, users can enter a word that needs translation, brainstorm several translation options, and vote for the one they like the most. One can say that we are building a crowdsourced dictionary of loanwords. 

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