How to Select the Right Ruby on Rails Development Company?

So, you have decided that you need a web application and you want it built with Ruby on Rails. But since you don’t have enough in-house resources, you’ve started looking for a Ruby on Rails development company.

We know it’s not an easy task. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of important factors to consider and some tips that will help you find a good fit.

Long List

First, you will need to start putting together a long list of the Ruby on Rails development teams you are considering. Start with a thorough search on Google and put together a list of every Ruby on Rails company you can find. Those you are unable to find through Google are probably not worth your attention anyway.


Search on Google for the names of the remaining Ruby on Rails development companies on your list. Are there any articles in industry media or trustworthy blogs about these companies? Check if they have worked with any open source or non-profit projects, most serious companies will have some experience with such projects. Don’t forget to check the corporate blogs of companies you are considering (companies you want to consider will typically have an active blog). Read a few articles and see if there is anything that puts you off from working with that company. Delete companies you do not consider worthwhile to pursue any further.


Now your long list of Ruby on Rails development companies (or teams) should have turned into a short list of no more than 5-7 companies. If you have more, check their portfolios again and delete those you like the least. It’s now a good time to contact your selected companies and ask them for a price quote. Pay close attention to the ease of communication with each company as it will typically not get any better after you sign the contract.

Since this is your first project, insist on a fixed cost pricing model. This way you will limit your risks and protect yourself from hidden expenses.


After you have your price quotes on hand, it’s a good time to contact the companies you selected and ask them for referrals. Contact the referrals of each company to see if the people they’ve worked with in the past are happy with the level of support they received and if there are any challenges when working with a given company. Delete companies that couldn’t provide referrals or didn’t have good referrals.

Making a Decision

Now your list should be narrowed down to about 2-4 Ruby on Rails development companies. Carefully review the quotes provided by these companies to compare costs and estimated delivery times. If factors important to you are similar, don’t hesitate to go with the least expensive choice. If the price of the lowest bid significantly differs from the other offers, ask for an explanation. You will want to understand why the price is the way it is.


Bonus tips:

  • Test waters

If possible, start with a small project (or pieces of a big project). See if you like to work with the company you selected.

  • Big companies are not necessarily a better choice

Consider the size of your project. For smaller projects, it will be better to select a smaller development company. This will give you a better chance of having your project taken seriously, which is immensely important.

  • Location. Is it important?

Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. It really depends. If you need to visit your selected development company, location is certainly important. In other cases, it might be better to choose a development company overseas and save on costs.


If you’re in the process of selecting a Ruby on Rails development company for your project, please don’t hesitate to add Vertalab to your shortlist.