EuRuKo 2017 in review

Recently we visited Budapest to attend EuRuKo2017. I decided to share some insights from this trip.

My first impression, which really pleases me, is that the Ruby community is growing. Along with existing conferences planned for next year, bbatsov mentioned a new event in Sofia called Balkan Ruby scheduled for next spring.

Our small delegation pitched Lviv (our city) to host EuRuKo2018, but Vienna won. Well, we’ll prepare better next year. 🙂

Talks covered a wide variety of topics, from empathy and diversity in teams to GraphQL and Ruby 3. Organizers did a great job; the two days went smoothly and productively.

Conferences allow us to see different approaches to solving challenges. Being in a crowd of people produces new ideas. It is also a good place for networking, especially for developers. 😉

It was nice to talk with Matz. He mentioned he wants to learn concurrency more thoroughly, and that really inspired me. With so much under his belt, this guy doesn’t stop learning!

Going to conference with the team is always an inspiring adventure. See you in Vienna next year!