Build an MVP in one and a half days: mission impossible?

Employing dozens of software engineers doesn’t necessarily mean you can build a demo MVP in-house… especially when you need it yesterday.

A few weeks ago, I got a message:

“Hi Sasha, I need an MVP to show to a potential client. This is a great opportunity for us, but all of our developers are busy and we can’t make it happen fast.”

That looked like a mission impossible. It reminded me of a hackathon when the time is limited and specs are too wide. It’s always better to work in a team, so I called my teammate and asked for help over a weekend. Roman saw it as an interesting challenge and joined me without question.
It took us 1.5 days to build and deploy the demo app. As a result, our client got a contract with a Fortune 500 company. This is what he wrote to me a few weeks later:

Hello Sasha,

Thank you for jumping in like you did. They were very happy with the prototype and it helped us get the contract. I look forward to working on another project with you again soon. Thank you very much for the great work!

We completed this project successfully due to close communication. Both sides were in contact all the time. Located on two continents in two different time zones, we worked as one team. Our technology stack was a perfect fit: we used Ruby on Rails and React.

As I mentioned, it was very similar to a hackathon and took a lot of energy, so this approach may not be sustainable for day-to-day work, but we enjoyed the process a lot and it was great team building. The process took my mind off my other projects, and the intensity of effort was refreshing. Having a result that makes an impact not on end-users but on companies feels contented.

Have you ever been in a similar situation with an urgent need? If so, tell me about it ( Then you’ll have my email saved for later when you need help fast. 🙂