Team work cto as a service

Trust Me, I am (not only) an Engineer

What kind of developer do you need for your startup MVP? Let's try to figure it out.

Sep 16 2016
Startups infographic

State of Seed Funding in the US in 2015 [Infographic]

Did you know that startups with less than ten team members closed 183 seed rounds in 2015 (72.3% of all deals)?

Mar 25 2016
Web app development

Behind the Scenes of Web App Development

An attempt to explain the processes of planning, writing code, refactoring, and code review.

Sep 08 2015
Startup landing page

An Inspirational Collection of Coming Soon Landing Page Examples

Explore a screenshot gallery of landing pages used by various startups during their early days

Jun 19 2015
Startup mvp contest

Startup MVP for Free..? Sure.

Announcing the winners of the Live Idea contest

Apr 17 2015
Web app development cost 1

Reflections on Web App Development Cost

or why completing an "almost ready" application could cost ten times more than bringing it to the "almost ready" state

Mar 19 2015
Rails deployment

Rails Deployment – A Short Guide for Non-Technical Founders

This blog post is a short introduction to help you to better understand the tech language. It is about the deployment of Ruby on Rails applications.

Feb 19 2015
Web frameworks comparison with cars

Web Application Framework – Comparison Using an Analogy

We've decided to use an analogy to compare the various web application frameworks.

Dec 11 2014
Live idea1

Should I Quit My Job? Tips for Those Looking for Meaning and Fulfillment

Even though quitting a job seems to be a natural course of action to take once you decide that it's time to move on, sometimes it's just not an option (bills, mortgage, kids, etc.). In such a case there's a good alternative...

Nov 27 2014