Ruby on Rails Outsourcing

When you have to postpone new features because your software development team is overworked and limited budget doesn't allow hiring more developers locally, outsourcing might be the only viable option.

Besides fast team extension and considerable savings, there are many other benefits to outsourcing Ruby on Rails development. We've extended on-site Ruby on Rails development teams with remote developers since 2012, tap into our experience and you could benefit too.

Ever considered working with remote developers?

Shortage of qualified developers and competition from larger companies make it really hard for startups and small businesses to hire developers locally.

In this situation, extending your core on-site development team with remote developers could be a viable option.

Curious how it all works?

Reliable business processes often make a difference between success and failure.

Understanding this principle, we've honed our processes since 2012, aiming to become a dependable partner for our clients. Click below to see how it works.

Vertalab has earned my full confidence as a partner when it comes to software development.
Not only do I have accurate insights into the development process at any time, but I can also count on them to complete tasks quickly in case of an emergency. The team is always flexible for my needs and smoothly fits into our processes and team structure. Finally, I’m convinced by both the performance and cost.

Matti Biskup


Fast team extension

Start interviewing potential candidates within two weeks from the first contact with us

Seamless integration

Remote developers follow your processes, working as if they were a part of your on-site team

easy replacement

If a developer is not a good match, you can choose to work with a different developer

Transparent billing

One simple hourly rate covers everything: pay only for the time developers work on your tasks

We have discovered Vertalab as a perfect extension to our team: Vertalab-Developers quickly got up to speed and now contribute important parts to the overall project. The cooperation with remote developers is flawless and we're happy to have found Vertalab as a reliable partner for Ruby on Rails development.

Jan Zemma, ACID21 GmbH
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More questions?

We answered the most common questions about working with remote developers and outsourcing software development in one of our blog posts. Click the button below to check it.

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